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good morning welcome to mosaic i am ron swisher the pastor at st. marks in orinda, a new appointment for me. last month my co-host and producer dr. burrows interviewed me in transition. i was just there two weeks and i wanted to welcome the community along with former members at taylor memorial in the bay area. i was just there two weeks when jean fields called me who is working for center for elders and attendants we want to welcome jean and angela phillips. great to see you both. >> good morning. >> i know you have done a tremendous amount of work here in the community. tell us about your background
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jean >> chef well, i have been working as a community activist for a long time. i first got into it after the 1991 fire in the oakland hills it was terrible. such a need for so many volunteers and so forth. so i took a position with city of oakland to assist in the rebuilding process. as a result of that i got introduced to the group of people that were working on an enterprise grant, $25 million with the clinton administration we were able to bring to the city of oakland to do economic revitalization. i went on there to do arbitration and retiring from the city. >> i remember you from the interfaith community to meet mayor we met for over a year. >> prior to his election i formed network santa fe action, group of pastors of all
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denominations we did good work getting him elected mayor of city of oakland. that is how i first met you and introduced me to so many hundreds and hundreds of other pastors throughout the city of oakland and bay area that lead to the work i am doing today as a result of that union with the network interfaith actions, this center elders and independents, coworker of mine called me and said jean you have such a good reputation in the neighbourhood we could use you to do outreach. >> great to hear you doing that work. angela you are intake person. >> intake i grew up in the bay area, relocated to los angeles to get my masters of science in gerontology, worked with arp senior centers, housing and moved back to the bay area and started work in the intake department center for elders and dependents i have been there three years doing mainly
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intakes, some outreach as well. definitely had a positive experience growing up around my grandparents, older church members and just having a positive experience >> i met you around thanksgiving time i was a preacher that thanksgiving with five other congregations you had a fiance. >> yes, now i recently married my husband, about two months ago and so we are still newly weds. >> great that is why you are smiling and laughing. goudeaux. >> well, we are going to take a few minutes to tell us a little bit about the center. we will have more in depth in the next segment but tell us about that center jean and what is happen being the elders? >> well, center for elders and independents merged with a program called pace. it stands for program for all inclusive care for elders. and we operate as like an hmo we provide all inclusive care, all of the services a senior might need in order to stay in
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their homes as long as possible and live in their communities as long as possible. >> how many years has this been? >> for me working in this position? >> how long you been around? >> well, it started off high land hospital believe it or not and started off just as a day center and then it grew in 1991, the center for elders and dependents was formed and 1992, we started the pace program which is the program for all inclusive care for seniors. we started off partnering with the 60s and over, we have a clinic on san pablo, we have four clinics now. >> four. >> we have one in berkeley, and east oakland and one downtown oakland. >> i see. now who is able to be a part of this and become members or active in it? >> you have to be 55 years of age. you have to be frail. a senior that is frail, perhaps sick and shut in which is why i
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thought it was a good idea to come on this show. so many seniors are sick and shut in and a member of our faith community we want to let them know services are out there to assist them we provide all inclusive care we act again like an hmo we provide you with your doctors, physical therapists, nurses, your in home care, you know all inclusive care. >> well, i am over 55 i might thing about that. >> not frail enough. not frail enough. >> we will come back to that then and hear more details. please join us, as jean and angela, center for elders and dependents as they go into more depth of this great program ,,
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they do not have to die... but they do. 24,000 children... every day. they die for reasons we can prevent. like not getting enough food or medicine... or clean, safe water to drink. but we are gaining ground. a generation ago, twice as many children were dying. still...24,000? every day? i believe... i believe... i believe... i believe... i believe... believe... i believe that number should be zero. believe in zero. welcome back to mosaic. we have been talking to jean and angela, when we broke we
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said you mentioned four centers. tell us where they are again? >> location in berkeley, alcatraz, location downtown oakland san pablo and then two locations east mount town center we just opened our newest center there last summer our largest center. we have four of those locations. >> great i must says the state of the art. we have so many things i would like to say about this center but most of our participants that we service, are medicare medical and so all our services are free to them but med cal, medicare cut dental some time ago we still offer it we have a state of the art dental center that meets the needs we recognize dentistry is a part of your overall good health if you can't eat properly or chew properly it effects your overall health and i just can't stress enough ron that the center for elders and dependents is about keeping you healthy for as long as possible, living in your own
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home and in your own community for as long as possible. >> you are the outreach person where do you go? >> any church, five or more people a home visit required usually angela will go to that. i do presentation at health care churches, seniors centers, senior housing any where there is a need because we need to get the word out. so many seniors are shut in and they don't get out enough. >> you know so we come to them. and they are active in any way or any where we will try and meet that need. >> once they are in, your role? >> right so how a person usually contacts us is that they either call us or either themselves or a church members, family member, so we get referrals from outreach we get referrals from outside people they call and we set up a home visit we go to a person's home take their general information and arrange for them to take a tour of our center and then if they want to move forward they
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are assessed by our interdisciplinary team a team of injury attic professionals our -- jerry attic professionals, social worker, activities, transportation all of that is a part of the program along with nutrition and home care. >> i heard you have a degree in that. >> yes, i have a masters of science in gerontology. >> where was that at? >> usc los angeles. was there, and had a great time and using the education there and just meeting all kinds of elders and -- >> i would be interested, what interested you in going into that field? >> mm-hmm, i mean growing up i always had a love for being around older adults and just working with the clients that i have participants that i have, just learning the histories of the people that i work with and we service all kinds of elders, from all different ages. >> i was reading a recent
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interview with alice walker she said the two subjects she likes to write about, one is african american women and other is seniors. you seem to both enjoy your work. >> i really enjoy it. that was one reason i came out of retirement to work with seniors. i have a passion for those that are in need. not necessarily all seniors but even those underprivileged, disadvantaged always my passion to try and assist them and identify what services are avail out there for them -- available out there for them. she mentioned transportation but we pick them up. our transportation people are a part of their team that will be the first people to monitor how well they are doing. are they able to put their coats on. medications and so forth. the program is so fantastic we deliver all their medications they don't have to go to the pharmacy, physical therapy,
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occupational therapy and diets even down to their lunches are planned for them on an individual basis. >> as you talk you remind me of the passage in mathew when jesus said you done unto at least my brothers and sisters you have done unto me. >> it is personally gratifying when you realize there is someone that is perhaps sick that has a history of falling for example and they want to stay in their own home and they might have a caregiver, a daughter or granddaughter that is trying to take care of them but they work. we want to fill that gap for them you see because in that gap during the day when they are out working we don't want their parent or grandparent sitting at home with nothing to do watching television all day and so forth we will come and pick them up, take them to our day center, service them there, have their lunches make sure therapy. arthritis sets in hands get stick we want to make sure they stale mobile. and it is important that they recognize that everybody that
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is at our centers and at our clinics are there to service seniors. >> we want to hear more about all the people you serve not only in the bay area, but in san francisco also. we will come back to that. please join us again in the next segment with jean and angela ,,,,
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we hope you have been with us this excellent program with jean and angela. tell us some to have qualifications for elders and the cost to elders and how is it funded? >> well, for a person to be part of the program they have
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to be at least 55 years and older, live in our service area which includes west contra costa county and alameda county, so from richmond, down to hayward, castro valley area and they also have to be assessed by our medical team and be approved by the state of california. it does take a little bit of time for our person to be part of the program. and then we are paid for through the state and federal government we receive funding from med cal and medicare. a person can have med cal only or med cal and medicare or if they are eligible we can help them apply through our benefits program and if a person doesn't speak english we have interpreters and staff that speak chinese, korean, spanish, vietnamese. any language that is out there we are required to service. >> you hear so much problems in california and all over the country with funding what about
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yourselves. >> we are a nonprofit the majority of funding comes from private donors, but it comes from tate and federal government, we are a medicare benefit we are an option for people to pick as a benefit. we receive funding to provide all the services and goal is to keep people living at home as long as it is safe to do so. that is one of our goals and we do that by having them come into our day center, as jean was mentioning, having activities, having home care workers go out and i have set them and we are different than center for independent living which is similar they service adults over the age of 18 but ours is strictly for 55 years and older for frail elders who may or seniors that may need more help some times we find a lot of people are isolated and need help some times it is either that family. >> our society is aging. the bay bay boomers,.
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>> -- baby boomers. >> we could very easily overwhelm the health care system the pace model, a nationwide model is an outstanding way if you are frail or on the vernal or contemplating going -- verge or contemplating going into a facility, look at that and see if we can assist you staying in your own neighbourhood. we provide inhome care we will come get you dressed in the morning. >> how many people in your centers? >> 470, 450 people you know we are growing every day you me, we are taking in new participants every day, we are looking at new sites perhaps one in richmond, one in hayward we are planning for the future because the center for elders and dependents i really truly believe is going to be the way of the future for senior health care. >> i mentioned during the break it is east bay but you also
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have san francisco. >> yes there are locations throughout the nation and so we are a center for elders and dependents in the east bay but also a sister organization located in the san francisco peninsula area. and there is also locations in sacramento, san diego and l.a. >> we know people that do get up at this time 5:00 a.m. in the morning we want to cover the san francisco area. >> absolutely. the telephone number 1-800-not 1-800-888-886-6565, on lock life ways. they are online get additional information from them they are a sister organization and handle most of san francisco and marin area as well >> we showed your website adds well as your telephone number during the break you want to
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share that again. >> our number is (510)433-1150 and if you want a home visit or if you want a presentation ask for intake or outreach and we arrange for appointments in a person's home so they don't have to come to us, we will go to them. if someone wants free informational kit mailed to them we will mail that as well. >> what did you think is your gratest need when you share so much information important to our community now. >> get the word out. because not only are we here to assist the frail and the ones that actually need our services but the caregivers as well. there are so many individuals that are our age and old their are caring for their parents and it is putting a lot of stress on the families and so forth. we would like to be able to assist them in that effort offering our services to come in and assist the family and home, be able to pick them up. they no longer have to worry
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about taking them to the doctor and making appointments. our transportation department will pick them up take them to all their appointments whether at our clinics or otherwise we have contracts with most specialists if you are on dialysis or something we take you to those as well. dieticians we are so much a part of what we eat so we have to learn how to educate people to eat properly you know and be aware of the diet >> my mother will be 2 in october -- 92 in october but she has been blessed with great health and loves me taking her to the doctor. she is a candidate, yeah. >> she might not be but if she becomes that way or if you have to go out of town or need assistance our program may not be for everyone because if you have a good health care and primary care physicians you are happy with and so forth, you know, you might not want to stop using those services. but if you are at a point where
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you can't make it to the doctor, you know, your hmo is difficult to get into. >> she has been a member of kaiser for 68 years, i was born there and 64 so it is hard to think of anything outside of kaiser. >> that's right and a big deal for a lot of seniors is changing doctors. that is one thing we say call us let us know and we will have you come and take a tour of our facility and for people who want to keep somewhat of a relationship with their previous doctor we will pay for up to two visits to your previous doctor and because it is a big deal but we are trying to provide a situation where you are able to go to the doctor on a more frequent basis. >> we have another segment you have shared so much but you probably have a few more things to say. please join us in the last segment, with jean and angela doing such great work
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it has been extremely inspiring to host this program this morning we have dealt with the centers for elders independence. tell us a few remaining things you have that you thing it is important to hear. >> well, i think one, how to get in touch with us we do have the four sites i saw you were showing our information we would provide you with a packet. please call our office and ask for an informational packet we will give you the 10 most asked questions, vital information about the services, what it takes to be eligible. if you thing you may be eligible or have a church or senior facility you would like for us to come and give a presentation at, regarding centers for elders and independents give us a call we
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are here to serve our community and more often to serve the frail. we do this as a job and we love the work. >> thank you. >> it is a voluntary program we do cover hospital care and nursing home care but the goal is to keep people out of the hospital and as jean was saying if you even want to find out more information give us a call and we will do inofficial screening on -- initial screening on the phone let us know we will come out and visit you. it is valuable to have the information sent to you and hopefully if you know someone who needs the program that you give us a call. >> you mentioned something about the cost. >> we provide long term health care so for the time period it could take about -- up to a month for a person to become part of the program but does include being covered by medical or medicare or if you are eligible for medi cal there
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is a private pay in as well give us a call. >> outreach that is your primary thing you have done for years. >> yeah. >> do you have some set up for churches or community coming up? >> we do we offer -- well, one of our churches they are going to be coming up very soon. their presentation is open to the public. >> okay. >> formally the people that are hosting the presentations are kind of strictly to their congregations and don't open it up but they have been nice enough to open theirs up it is coming up in september call our office we would love for you to come. we will be there, come and provide food along with the presentation and it has been a good experience. >> what is great about this church meantime is it provided a community for people to come to, they have in the beginning,
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churches, education, schools are so important now the deal with health care would be so vital. >> i agree i think if our churches would open their doors to the communities at large, most of us like i say have sick and shut in in our churches we need to get the word out to them and let them know our services there and available to them to make them healthier, keep them in their homes longer we as a people don't necessarily want to go into a skilled nursing facility or boarding care we would like to spend our last years at home and want to be the ones to assist in doing that. and assist the families. >> congregations, synagogues. >> yes. >> we do all of that. >> mosques. >> temples. >> community centers. and that is the thing we find the population we are gearing towards some times they are isolated so they don't know about the services so if you know someone who may need
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services give us a call. >> let's talk about the fact that the word hasn't always gotten out. do you think that might also be some pride in not wanting to seek the help >> i do think that is part of it as well but even more so i think that people need to know about the services. we can't make any cold calls you know the state and federal regulations keep us from walking on doors, dropping flyers any where, we have to be invited in. >> right. >> so we are asking that you invite us into your church and your seen your housing, to your senior facility and let us give the information out. we are not going to twist your arm,. >> i am in orinda now but i would sure invite you thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> premen douse program. >> we really appreciate this opportunity to get the word out regarding center for elders and independents. >> great thank you for joining us you have heard a tremendous
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word of service we hope it goes out to all our churches, congregations and community. thank you for joining us this morning
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